Porsche Consulting / Michael Pleesz
Porsche Consulting / Michael Pleesz
Every­day oper­a­tions at many com­pa­nies are deter­mined by a con­stant pres­sure to change. Yesterday’s guide­lines no longer apply to today’s world. The mere appeal to ratio­nal thought alone is not enough to bring every­one on board. Intu­ition plays a key role in suc­cess­ful change man­age­ment. And it all begins in the minds of top man­agers.
STR Airport/H2Fly
STR Airport/H2Fly
Busi­ness Flights:
Short and Sweet
Small­er air­ports offer­ing short flights and sus­tain­able mobil­i­ty for busi­ness trav­el­ers could soon be the win­ners in the avi­a­tion sec­tor. As could small short-haul air­craft.
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769 active satellites were orbiting the Earth in 2000. By 2030 there will be more than 50,000.Getty Images
Race to Space
Com­pa­nies from dif­fer­ent sec­tors are rush­ing to send satel­lites into space. Dis­rup­tion and dynamism are the order of the day. “Space data as a ser­vice” is a key mar­ket trend that dri­ves ver­ti­cal­iza­tion in the indus­try.
Potash is produced in Jordan by pumping water from the Dead Sea into basins in the earth. Bauer used its machinery to install cut-off walls to a depth of 30 meters in the salty soil. Bauer AG
Why Bauer is rein­vent­ing
it’s Sup­ply Chain
The BAUER Group pro­duces the sophis­ti­cat­ed machin­ery for its own ground- and ground­wa­ter-relat­ed work. And for its direct com­peti­tors. The com­pa­ny has embarked upon a trans­for­ma­tion designed to con­tin­ue its extra­or­di­nary tra­di­tion of world cham­pi­onship per­for­mance in this high­ly spe­cial­ized field.
Porsche Consulting / Marco Prosch
Jörg-Uwe Goldbeck takes a shortcut across the rooftop terrace of his company's headquarters in Bielefeld. Since its founding in 1969, the company has consistently forged its own path.Porsche Consulting / Marco Prosch
The ben­e­fits of
being dif­fer­ent
Gold­beck GmbH, a fam­i­ly-run con­struc­tion and real estate com­pa­ny based in Biele­feld, offers every­thing from a sin­gle source. It designs, builds, and oper­ates com­mer­cial prop­er­ties such as hall build­ings, office com­plex­es, and multi-level car parks. It also man­u­fac­tures the com­po­nent parts of these struc­tures. With the courage to pur­sue an indi­vid­ual course yet also to think in sys­tems, it has become one of Germany’s most suc­cess­ful medi­um-sized enter­pris­es.
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